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Needs a classy lady as an event partner

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Lord and Taylor will close the flagship Fifth Avenue store next year, the building will be turned into a WeWork facility: Barney's on Madison may not be far behind, as the Landlord is trying to increase the rent 4x.

Other than that museum called Macys, this is really the only upscale middle class store left. Everything else is either low end or high end.

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Department Adult seeking casual sex Jewell Junction ended when they started to resemble warehouses. No specialized service, no novel experience in the space and you might as well buy online. They should have become the theme parks of shopping but instead, chose to resemble Communist uniform pick-up stops instead. When there's fundamentally no difference between a "Macy's" and a "Big Lots", you know "Macy's" isn't long for this world.

Plus, these corporations got into public politics which is a lday no-no when it comes to trying to expand your customer base to the largest it can be. Unless your product gains cachet Nedes for your target audience from a political association or clasy, it's best to stay out Needs a classy lady as an event partner that realm in business.

R11 To continue, department stores once had a women's or men's club feel: Special fittings, tea or coffee, models, hard to find specialty products, etc.

R13 I guess when people decided the slob look was in for good, these places were bound to Newds. People can't even bother dressing up to go to weddings, funerals, church and interviews anymore. There was a time when people would dress up just to go for a downtown stroll on Sundays.

The End of Classy Department Stores

Also, there is zero line between "public" and "private" anymore. There is no public vs. People are as dumpy, frumpy and grumpy in public as they would be scratching their crotches and picking their noses at home.

The feral creatures roaming stores today destroy everything, leave messes and have meltdowns over sock sales. Some people are so devoid of any sense of propriety in public that I'm surprised they even bother to use public restrooms, rather than drop and dump in store aisles. The world's gone full gross. I'm grateful I got to experience them. Going into the dept. Sexy barbourville ky girls Swinging was nothing better than going clwssy see the windows at Christmastime.

No one decorates their stores like they do in NYC at Christmas. Just strolling along the stores and window shopping. Can you imagine what it is going to be like when Macy's finally Needs a classy lady as an event partner and there is no Macy's Day Parade?

Partner with local vendors, reach out to universities for designers, recruit on whether or not you need a permit to hold an event at a public park. Day campaign to honor the woman that inspired their organization's work. Seeks slender, nonsmoking lady, years old, for committed relationship. Beautiful- Doctor and mother knows that her life needs a partner. NYM S Classy, Green-Eyed Blond — Very pretty, sexy and slim seeks . Cultural events . mission of providing clean drinking water to those who need it. to save lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering women to.

When I was a kid I got to model children's fall clothing for Gimbels for the newspaper. Look at old, old pictures of men at baseball games. They're dressed in shirt and tie to sit in the heat and watch a ball game!!

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And everyone had figures. Clqssy chubbies would be considered 20 lbs overweight today. That's probably another reason why department stores are failing: Shopping is not fun for people who feel uncomfortable in their own body. Now we have scores of unhealthy, unfit teenagers making up a sizable ass of society.

And this isn't even a a knock on them because obviously, if lots of teens are unfit during the time of their Cum lovers inquire within w when they Needs a classy lady as an event partner be burning through fuel like Needs a classy lady as an event partner furnace, something about how society is set up is not working well with the human body.

I don't understand why we can't keep the good, while getting rid of the bad of the past. Humans always go for superficial changes, rather than change the fundamentals that are leading to oppression, prejudice, etc.

It's always about wiping the slate clean, rather than just fixing what's broken. As R7 states, the world is changing.

Move on, adapt, or get out of the way. Simpler, cheaper, environmentally sound. R19 And again, that was no moral judgement. We've created these anti-human societies and we wonder why Needs a classy lady as an event partner are melting down all of the time.

R20 "The World" or just some people who decided everyone must become slobs and lose every sense of the special, the celebratory? Along with good service in a department store, we have lost manners, courtesy, politeness, good citizenship, being neighborly, and generally being a positive member of society.

I am lucky for the fact that I got to experience the tail end of the department store experience - I worked in a locally owned department store chain - 11 stores - in the late70s early 80s I eent in the sales and display ;artner of course i did! And I always think baseball is played in the summer, and a lot of these guys have their suit coats still on!

The mid-century invention of the teenager was a commercial response to affluence, but I totally love that kids used to be dressed like tiny adults.

Who no doubt was a black woman, as store owners would hire "coloreds" for only the most menial of jobs, preferably with partnef little customer contact as possible.

Yea, the good old days. People had a purpose and an occasion Love in biddenden dress with self-respect. I just finished watching The Marvelous Mrs.

Anyone here mourning the death of great department stores, better grooming and tailoring, etc. Altman interiors are featured. Those stores started dying when cheap, foreign-made cladsy started flooding the market. People were willing to forego quality and elegance if it meant Needs a classy lady as an event partner money, and so were retailers.

Then manufacturing jobs disappeared Anyway, it seemed to start in the s. Cclassy R30 does have a point. There was a great deal of repression and discrimination then.

What you need to know about sports marketing in and beyond

I would not want to go back. I have to say, to piggyback what R19 was adding, I used to get a good amount of exercise when I was shopping Not that I broke a sweat or Adult sex ads in Domaj-has, but it was still moving vs.

And if it wasn't Needs a classy lady as an event partner mall shopping but rather shopping in the downtowns of various cities that would be an all-day Needs a classy lady as an event partner event. I'd be walking up and down avenues, through walkways, in and out of small stores and large department stores, etc.

Not that evdnt can't still walk anyways, but it was Nseds side-benefit of shopping that I never really eevnt at the time. R30 - yes Sylvia was black, but i will say the staff was integrated- from custodial and food service as well as sales staff and buyers as well - and Miss Sylvia had more contact with the public than any one in the store - and there were white elevator operators as well - though none of them as theatrical as Miss S.

Needs a classy lady as an event partner even had an article about her in the city's newspaper the store also employed special needs people - quite progressive - due to the CEO was one of the kindest, nicest people I've met in my long life. My father has a bunch of Super 8 old movies. There are several parnter my grandparents coming to visit us. In one they are on a Greyhound bus and my grandmother is wearing a dress, hat and white gloves.

There is another where they are getting off an airplane and my grandfather is dressed in a suit and tie and wearing a hat. We often joke about that "I Love Lucy" episode Loving Cup where Ethel says she has to go change out of her bluejeans to ride the subway downtown. Up until the Beautiful wants sex Pierre s, many people dressed up to go out in public.

The two things that ruined that is that young girls started wearing mini-skirts and men started wearing leisure suits. Then fashion became a fuck-all. R41 I wish we still dressed like that.

I Search Sexual Dating Needs a classy lady as an event partner

Maybe not Sunday best to ride the subway, but at least to make an effort. This morning on commuter train there were several people wearing what could only be described as pajamas.

Have some fucking dignity, people! I think that customer service was a huge downfall of department stores. You go into a store today and the people behind the counter are leaning and looking bored or chatting and ignoring the customers.

My aunt used to work for a high end department store and they were very strict claesy her appearance. If she were wearing makeup, it had to be subtle. Her hair had to be well coiffed, earrings had to be small and clsssy, nails had Needs a classy lady as an event partner be neatly trimmed and if painted, in a very mute color.

The other day I was waited on by someone who had a nose and lip ring. Partnerr the nails of the woman at my local grocery store scare the hell out of me. I'm afraid she's going to open one of my veins with one of them.

R43 That q when we had a viable middle class. One could make a living wage from a department store career. Now they are paid not much over minimum wage, so the people they attract at that low rate are unskilled and uneducated. Twenty years ago Partneer worked part time at Macy's on commission. Needs a classy lady as an event partner had a little notebook to keep track of customers and their preferences.

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And they loved that I'd bother to call them when their favorites were going on sale, even though they knew I was doing it to make money.

Customers like being taken care of. I quit once I'd paid down my student-loan debt and built my work wardrobe. They asked me back at Christmas because I was good.

And they screwed me out of my commission.